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Specialized Treatment and Prevention

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See also: Emergency Medical Care

10 subcategories for "Specialized Treatment and Prevention"


Programs that are based on the premise that optimum health is dependent on the degree to which the nervous system is operating efficiently and that dysfunction and disease are... (more)

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Clinical Trials

Observational and interventional research studies conducted with human volunteers that seek answers to specific questions that relate to the causes, prevention, diagnosis,... (more)

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Condition Specific Treatment

Programs that provide comprehensive medical and/or surgical services on an inpatient or outpatient basis for people who have a targeted disease, condition or disorder. (more)

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Home Health Care

Programs that make necessary medical services available in the homes of people who are aged, ill or convalescing. (more)

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Hospice Care

Programs that provide a full range of supportive services for terminally ill individuals who are in the final stages of their illnesses and for their families. Services may... (more)

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Programs that provide inoculations or other prophylactic measures to prevent susceptible individuals from contracting specific diseases for which means of control have been... (more)

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Programs that lawfully dispense marijuana to medical patients who present a medical marijuana identification card or otherwise demonstrate that they have a written... (more)

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Medical Marijuana Registration Programs

Programs that register people with specified debilitating medical conditions for a program that allows them to alleviate their symptoms through the limited use of marijuana... (more)

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Pain Management

Multidisciplinary programs that specialize in the treatment of individuals who have chronic, severe pain of organic origin that has not responded to medical or surgical... (more)

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Weight Management

Programs that utilize one or a variety of techniques including nutrition education, exercise, special diets, protein sparing fasting, behavior modification, hypnosis,... (more)

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