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Full Resource Name:

American Red Cross, Armed Forces Emergency Services

1115 Easterwood Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32311

(850) 878-6080 x5616



*Emergency services during times of need for armed forces members (active duty or retired with pension) and their families, including emergency communication, financial assistance and information and referral
*Services: 1) emergency communications, ie births, serious illness, or death of a family member; 2) verification of need for emergency leave and leave extensions; 3) financial assistance for emergency travel, urgent needs, ie food or shelter; 4) confidential counseling, information, and referrals to military and health and support services; 5) assistance in understanding military policies; 6) direct impact of deployment, anxiety and complexities caused by separation; 7) support and information on issues from benefits or budgeting to deferments, compassionate reassignment and dependence discharge, (granting of leave is strictly between service member and his/her commanding officer)
*When calling, have readily available: a) name and birth date of military member; b) his/her social security number; c) military branch; d) address where serving; e) emergency reference contact phone number (doctor, nurse, funeral home, etc)

Primary Services:

  • Advocacy  [Show Definition Details]

  • Disaster Management Organizations  [Show Definition Details]

  • Disaster Relief Services  [Show Definition Details]

  • Military Family Service/Support Centers  [Show Definition Details]

  • Specialized Information and Referral  [Show Definition Details]

  • Temporary Financial Assistance  [Show Definition Details]



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