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Apalachee Center, Residential Treatment Services

2634 Capital Circle NE, Bldg K
Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 523-3333



*Forensic Residential Services: male residents formerly in state facilities receiving psychiatric and/or psychological treatment under court orders are assisted to reintegrate into the community; offers Psychiatric Services, psychological evaluations, nursing services, case management, group and individual therapy; liaison with the courts; designed to help individuals learn skills to successfully re-integrate into the community, or a less restrictive environment in state treatment facilities; learn skills help residents be successful in their living environment and to successfully complete any judicial requirement
*Transition Home: unlocked facility in Leon serving males and females for short-term residential treatment for persons needing step-down program treatment, providing psychiatric treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation, nursing and case management
*Hilltop Group Home in Madison County: 16 bed level 2 residential home for adults in recovery from severe mental illness, provides 24-hour supervision, psychiatric services, nursing services, supportive counseling and daily living skills training
*Satellite apartments (8 shared by 2 people) in Tallahassee: residences for clients many of whom attend school or work, supportive environment to enhance independent living skills particularly in the area of housekeeping medication management budgeting cooking, community access and recovery; mental health services provide by Leon County Outpatient Unit

Primary Services:

  • Residential Treatment Facilities  [Show Definition Details]

  • Transitional Housing/Shelter  [Show Definition Details]


8am-5pm, M-F, Administrative hours; 24/7 residential program

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