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CTD, Big Bend Transit, Gadsden Public Transit

305 W Crawford St
Quincy, FL 32351



*Provides non-emergency transportation for $2.00, each way
*Wheelchair transportation service available
*Call or view online map for for designated stops, routing, and times
*Riders of the Quincy Shuttle can connect with the Gadsden Connector (Service between Havana and Chattahoochee) at stop #24 or the Gadsden Express (express service to Tallahassee at stops #18, #19, or #24; riders will have to pay a separate fare when transferring

Gadsden Connector:
*Rides available to destinations across Gadsden County
*Chattahoochee(Kangaroo Express), Greensboro(City Hall), Gretna (City Hall), Quincy(Winn-Dixie), Havana(City Hall)
*Gadsden Connector stops regularly at the Winn- Dixie in Quincy, where riders can take the Gadsden Express into Tallahassee

Quincy Shuttle:
*Rides available to destinations at several locations throughout Quincy
*Small route deviations are available, and rider can get on or off at other locations along the route

Gadsden Express
*Rides available from Quincy to Tallahassee and vice versa
*Stops available in Quincy, Midway, TCC, C K Steele Plaza
*Two Park-and-Ride lots available at the Winn-Dixie in Quincy, or the City Hall in Midway
* If using the Gadsden Express to get to and from work at least 3 days per week, rider qualifies for commuter services of North Florida's Guaranteed ride home program, which provides a free ride home when an emergency arises; must pre-register with this program, as certain restrictions apply

Primary Services:

  • Local Transportation  [Show Definition Details]


5:30am-7pm, M-F, Office hours, transportation hours: Gadsden Connector, 7am-2pm; Quincy Shuttle, 7:30 am-2:30 pm; Gadsden Express, 6am-7pm

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