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AHCA, Medicaid Managed Care Helpline

2727 Mahan Dr, MS 62
Tallahassee, FL 32308

(877) 711-3662



*Assists new Medicaid recipients in enrolling in a Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) plan, formerly known as a Medicaid HMO, as well as Long-Term Care (LTC)
*Assists Medicaid recipients who are already enrolled in a Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) plan to change to a different plan if needed or desired
*Almost all Medicaid members receive their health care services through a managed care plan. Each plan has a list of health care professionals and facilities in their area that they can go to for medical care
*The helpline can tell Medicaid members if they are already enrolled in a plan, and if so, the name of the plan along with plan contact information
*Will guide them through a process of choosing a plan if they are not already enrolled in one
*Has the following information for all Medicaid Medical Assistance (MMA) plans in Florida:
*Name of plan, Counties covered by plan, doctors, other health care providers, and medical services available on plan, phone number and website for plan
*Can guide Medicaid members who want to change plans through the process; procedures may vary according to the situation
*Much of the above information is available on the website

Primary Services:

  • Medicaid  [Show Definition Details]


8am-8pm, M-Th; 8am-7pm, F

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